Basics of Woodworking

There are a few basics of woodworking that you may be interested to know when starting your woodworking journey. Not only will you need to master some woodworking skills and techniques, but you will also need to know and be aware of health and safety rules that you should follow that will keep you safe while you indulge into your woodwork.

You will be using tools that are sharp or in some way could cause yourself harm, as well as the use of some hazardous substances. Of course this is all avoidable if basic common sense is used while woodworking and you can be perfectly safe.

The next thing you are probably thinking about is to start collecting woodworking hand tools, power tools and machinery. It’s always a good idea to start off with a small collection of tools and gradually build them up over time as you progress. One reason for this would be that at some point you may decide woodworking is not for you and if it’s not then hopefully you would not of wasted too much money on tools. Another reason is that woodworking can be costly when starting out but don’t let the start up costs put you off because if you look after your tools they will last a lifetime and more.

After you have some hand tools you will probably want to invest in some power tools you might want to use during your woodworking. The use of power tools in woodworking is a more common thing you will see these days and they can be used to help make woodworking processes easier than the more traditional methods and also can help achieve a better and more accurate result.

When you have progressed with your hand tools and power tools you might also want to invest in some woodworking machinery. The use of woodworking machines will also help you to achieve accurate results as well as make woodworking more enjoyable.

So now you will be need to find an area in which your woodworking can take place such as a shed, garage or if you are lucky, a workshop. The more space you have the better but this also depends on what type of woodworking you want to do and how many tools and machinery you have or plan on building up to. It also depends of what size projects you plan on making. Many woodworking projects can be made in a small area so if you do only have a limited space like a small shed or something like that you can still continue with your woodworking journey.

Another basic of woodworking is that you will need to plan your layout of your workshop so that you use your available space well and so that you can be organised which will make your woodworking more enjoyable.

This leads to another basic of woodworking and that is that you will need to keep your workspace as tidy as you can while you work. Put tools that are not being used back in their place and sweep up dust and chippings. Some reasons for this are so that you are not wasting time trying to find tools that you have misplaced or they are not getting in the way of your work or damaging your work.

A tidy and organised workshop will be a much nicer way to work and is also a good idea for health and safety wise. It is not good practice to be surrounded by dust or tripping over things that have been left lying around.

So now you have a few ideas of the basics of woodworking and a little more knowledge of the things you will need to help you get started.

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